Home CCTV installation

At PrimVision, we offer top-notch services for the installation of home CCTV systems. Our expert engineers make sure that your CCTV system is installed and functions flawlessly to provide you with the security and peace of mind you wanted.


Customers are 100% satisfied with the quality of the CCTV home installation packages bought from PrimVision. Contact us for the best solutions for domestic CCTV systems.

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CCTV Packages for the Home

Security solutions for domestic use

Burglary deterrent

Burglary deterrent

A CCTV camera installed by an expert engineer can keep away potential burglars. Similarly, the security system can discourage anti-social behaviour and keep your property safe. A high-profile CCTV camera will boost the feeling of safety and will reduce crime in the area. All homeowners should protect their investment with a modern CCTV package.

CCTV night-security

CCTV night vision

Home CCTV systems utilize infrared night vision technology, ensuring the safety of your household both day and night. When inquiring about a camera installation package, it is important to request information regarding the type of CCTV camera that best suits your specific needs. Start recording the pitch-black areas of your property: keep safe your alleyways and yard.

Control your camera from smartphone

Control from smartphone

Control your home CCTV camera system from your computer, smart phone or tablet. You only need to ask our engineers to set up the monitoring on all your devices. Any activity surrounding your property will be recorded and you can have full control over it. Home CCTV installation has never been so easy to manage or so affordable to buy.

About us

Home CCTV installer

PrimVision provides home CCTV installation services to customers throughout the UK. We started in Birmingham in 2019 and have since grown.


Homeowners contact our expert engineers to get full services regarding the installation and management of their CCTV system. Our main goal is to give our clients complete control over the safety and security of their properties.

Home CCTV Instalation

CCTV footage

By working with our engineers, you can obtain the best quality footage from a High Definition CCTV System. Discover the benefits: the system records 24/7 for 365 days a year, allowing you to view the footage on your computer or smartphone from anywhere. Additionally, we offer a 12-month guarantee for all the equipment we install on your property.

Home CCTV installation

No matter the size of your domestic property, you need to ensure you have complete control over its safety. We are experienced in home security. After completing dozens of projects all over the UK, we understand the needs of homeowners: safety first!

CCTV System cost

The cost of a CCTV System differs from home to home, depending upon different things. The prince of the installation can be influenced by the number of cameras you need and where you need us to place them on your property. Also, the type of camera needed (HD or IP) and its specifications can influence the final cost.

CCTV home security

the right camera equipment

Reduce risk of breaking in

Your CCTV system for home security is the perfect tool in case you want to deter burglars to break into your property. The police encourage homeowners to install CCTV outside their property, especially if you travel and spend many hours away from home. Also, a visible CCTV camera that records outside your property works for the safety of the entire neighborhood because it discourages anti-social behavior.

Home Camera security
A computer screen displaying a lock icon for home CCTV installation.

CCTV setup

PrimVision provides quotations for any type of CCTV system for homes no matter how small or large. Fill in the contact form or give us a call and we can offer a free quotation for a basic Home CCTV installation. A professional local installer will visit your location and get your security system working perfectly.

Security surveilance system

Cover all your needs

The camera installation process always starts with understanding the needs of the customer. We can advise you in choosing a camera for house protection that will cover all your needs: safety, budget, be able to provide evidence in case of break in, extended coverage of all areas of the property, reduce insurance cost, full HD monitoring and recording, night and day.


What Our Clients Are Saying?

cctv testimonial 1
George C.

“Primvision were professional and friendly from start to finish. They took my specific security needs into account, and advised me on the right products for my commercial property. I can’t thank them enough!”

Patricia - home cctv instalation testimonial
Patricia M.

“Their team was professional, efficient, and knowledgeable. They installed the system flawlessly, making me feel much safer at home. The maintenance program they provide gives me peace of mind knowing my surveillance system is well taken care of. I highly recommend Primvision for excellent home CCTV installation."”

Thomas Duggan testimonial cctv 2
Thomas D.

"I can't say enough good things about Primvision's home CCTV installation service. From start to finish, they were exceptional. The team was prompt, courteous, and highly skilled. They installed the CCTV system seamlessly, and now I feel more secure than ever before. With their reliable maintenance program, I know my surveillance system will always be in top-notch condition. I highly recommend Primvision for their outstanding home CCTV installation services."

John Cox John Cox mentenace cctv testimonial
John C.

"I am extremely pleased with Primvision's home CCTV installation service. Their team was outstanding in every aspect. From their professionalism to their expertise, they exceeded my expectations. The installation process was seamless, and I now have enhanced security in my home. The maintenance program they provide gives me peace of mind, knowing that my CCTV system will continue to function flawlessly. I highly recommend Primvision for their exceptional home CCTV installation services."

Home CCTV installation

Types of security cameras

CCTV Cameras with WiFi

CCTV Cameras with WiFi

Home CCTV installation becomes easier and better when using WI-FI cameras. Our engineers can connect your security system to a convenient app, thus we will simplify the installation process without the need for wires. With the help of a camera with WiFi connectivity, you can keep a constant eye on your household.

motion detection camera

Motion-detection cameras

Motion-detection cameras are an excellent choice because they offer extra security. When the system senses movement in an area of coverage you will be notified. The increase in demand for security system installation in the UK shows that there is an increased concern about safety. With a motion-detection camera, you will stay vigilant against any suspicious activity.

CCTV security system

Night-vision cameras

Prevent burglaries with a CCTV night-vision camera. Using advanced technology, this type of camera offers you clear images in low-light areas around your property. A cheap security camera will not always do the job right. Ask our engineers about the best options for security cameras to monitor your property and detect any potential threats.

wifi CCTV camera - Home Camera Instalation

Home CCTV security system

Choose the home CCTV installation with the camera type that best suits your security needs. Consider factors such as connectivity, detection capabilities, image quality, night visibility, and audio functionality. Prioritize the protection of your home and loved ones by investing in the right CCTV domestic system.

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