Commercial CCTV installation

Commercial CCTV installation offered all over the UK by professional engineers. Protect your commercial premises from potential intrusions and thefts! Keep a 24/7 surveillance on your commercial property with a HD CCTV security system.

Hire PrimVision for security camera installation. Avoid business interruption and reduce the financial loss with the best surveillance equipment available on the market. Get your business security necessities covered with our full package for CCTV camera installation.

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Business security systems

Types of commercial CCTV Systems

Home CCTV installation

Office alarm system

Intruder alarms are the perfect way to keep your office premises safe. CCTV systems are now part of the basic business necessities. During nighttime the office is at risk. Ensure you protect your office equipment and all your business belongings by installing a CCTV security camera. Keep your office space always protected using reliable security cameras.

CCTV night vision

Shop security system

An unsecured shop is the perfect target for potential thefts. Thieves can target premises such as yours. Get a security system for your shop immediately to keep potential robberies away. We use only the best commercial CCTV systems with advanced features. Count on PrimVision engineers to complete the CCTV setup in record time and in a professional manner.

Control from smartphone

CCTV for pubs

Our commercial security alarms are a perfect solution for pubs, nightclubs, and bars. Everywhere across the UK unlawful events can bring financial loss. Pub, bar, or nightclub owners deal with problems such as fights or drunk people getting kicked our and trying to get back in again. Business security systems especially designed commercial alarm systems are a must for today’s businesses owners.

About us

Commercial CCTV installation

PrimVision provides commercial CCTV installation services to business owners throughout the UK. We started in Birmingham in 2019 and have since grown.


Business owners contact our expert engineers to get full services regarding the installation and management of their commercial alarm systems. Our main goal is to give our clients complete control over the safety and security of their commercial properties.

commercial Camera


You can instantly improve security and crime prevention for your business property. The alarm system allows you to remotely monitor various locations which is a great advantage for a business owner with multiple properties. Your commercial location immediately becomes less attractive for potential burglars.    

CCTV is affordable

In the present CCTV systems are more reliable, and more affordable than ever. Yes! Installing a security camera for home or business has so many benefits that people consider only what type of camera to buy. The price for a full CCTV package installation and maintenance is acceptable for all budgets.


Scalable security

Depending on your budget or your business needs, the CCTV package can start with just the basic necessities. Install a few cameras in key areas of your property. Over time you can add more cameras and increase the security of your business.  

Analytical CCTV for businesses

the right camera equipment

People counting

Analytical CCTV cameras are the latest technology when it comes to commercial security. These cameras provide highly accurate ways of detection. As an example, the cameras automatically measure the people flow and collect statistics on customer behaviour.

commercial CCTV system
motion detection camera

Perimeter intrusion

Another great advantage of the analytical CCTV cameras is that they detect when a perimeter has been breached. You can set specific triggers to automatically alert your security staff. Perimeter intrusion detection is ideal for large commercial surfaces.

Security surveilance system

Vehicle monitoring

The cameras can measure or monitor certain areas remotely. Using Analytical CCTV software these security cameras can increase the safety of your business by using automated tasks that take a lot of time, and saving you a lot of money.


What Our Clients Are Saying?

“Primvision were professional and friendly from start to finish. They took my specific security needs into account, and advised me on the right products for my commercial property. I can’t thank them enough!”

cctv testimonial 1
George C.

“Their team was professional, efficient, and knowledgeable. They installed the system flawlessly, making me feel much safer at home. The maintenance program they provide gives me peace of mind knowing my surveillance system is well taken care of. I highly recommend Primvision for excellent home CCTV installation."”

Patricia - home cctv instalation testimonial
Patricia M.

"I can't say enough good things about Primvision's home CCTV installation service. From start to finish, they were exceptional. The team was prompt, courteous, and highly skilled. They installed the CCTV system seamlessly, and now I feel more secure than ever before. With their reliable maintenance program, I know my surveillance system will always be in top-notch condition. I highly recommend Primvision for their outstanding home CCTV installation services."

Thomas Duggan testimonial cctv 2
Thomas D.

"I am extremely pleased with Primvision's home CCTV installation service. Their team was outstanding in every aspect. From their professionalism to their expertise, they exceeded my expectations. The installation process was seamless, and I now have enhanced security in my home. The maintenance program they provide gives me peace of mind, knowing that my CCTV system will continue to function flawlessly. I highly recommend Primvision for their exceptional home CCTV installation services."

John Cox John Cox mentenace cctv testimonial
John C.

Commercial CCTV installation

Types of security cameras

wired security system

Wired alarm system

As the name suggests, the wired alarm systems are hardwired into your building at the power supply and communicate through attached wires. These alarms are considered by some users to be slightly more reliable. We offer all types of CCTV systems, including installation of the equipment.

CCTV night-security

Wireless CCTV networks

Wireless alarm systems communicate using secure wireless cellular frequency. The best thing about this type of alarm is that you don’t need to install any wires through your property. Wireless alarm systems require some hard work to disable, therefor a criminal could not easily get pass your alarm.

CCTV security system

Our Recommendations

We frequently get asked what should I choose wired or wireless alarm systems? The answer is that it all depends on the type of property you want to protect. Every property has its own requirements. You should understand the pros and cons of each security system before deciding.

camera security notification

Commercial security system

Choose the commercial CCTV installation with the camera type that best suits your security needs. Consider factors such as connectivity, detection capabilities, image quality, night visibility, and audio functionality. Prioritize the protection of your home and loved ones by investing in the right business security systems.

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