CCTV maintenance

PrimVision offers CCTV maintenance services. After we complete the CCTV installation we make sure the security system runs perfectly. All our customers receive a 2 years warranty and 2 years of free tech support. No subscription is required!

Contact us today and get a free quote. We supply and install security cameras and alarm systems all over the UK. The alarm maintenance is good to have because your cameras may need occasional repairs. A CCTV camera is only as good as the maintenance it receives.

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CCTV camera repairs

Maintenance for security systems

Home CCTV installation

Qualified engineers

The person in charge of repairing your security system should be a professional. A new equipment will function perfectly, but in time there are external factors which may damage the wires, cameras, or functionality. Wear and tear is likely to occur, so are weather/storm created problems. Only qualified engineers can guaranty the repair is completed properly and that the system can operate without other interruptions.

CCTV night vision

Routine maintenance

Your CCTV stopped working? There are plenty of reasons why this happens: including power problems, wiring issues, software issues, unstable network connections, hardware failures and IP address conflicts. Routine maintenance is a must because you want your camera to be in perfect working condition to ensure that your property is protected from potential intruders.

Control from smartphone

Fixing issues

Your surveilance equipment has five main components: the cameras, monitors, cables, video recorders and data storage. When a problem appears in one or more of the five main components your security CCTV system will not function as it should. Potential damage can occur especially in the case of outside cameras and wires. Qualified engineers can spot the damaged equipment. This is why we recommend you invest in ongoing maintenance services.

About us

CCTV maintenance

PrimVision provides CCTV maintenance services to customers throughout the UK. We started in Birmingham in 2019 and have since grown.

Home and business owners contact our expert engineers to get full services regarding the maintenance or repair of their security equipment. Either for maintaining or fixing your security system, you can count on PrimVision to get the job done!

CCTV instalation & maintenance

Our mission

By working with PrimVision clients obtain top security services: installation of CCTV packages, alarm systems, maintenance or repairs. PrimVision can save you and your property from potential security risks. We always believed that when it comes to home or commercial security, preventing issues is better that fixing them.

Our Vision

Investing in maintenance services means preventing potential downtime incidents. Technical issues or weather damage during winter months can happen. Hire consistent upkeep and be assured that your system remains reliable 24/7.


The best knowhow

Prioritize regular maintenance with PrimVision! Our team of professional engineers can save you from potential security risks. Our services include cleaning each component but also spotting wear and tear. Regular check-ups can ensure that your CCTV system is always functional.

Maintain your CCTV security system

motion detection camera

Alarm maintenance

An alarm system offers deterrence, peace of mind, detection, protection, and insurance benefits. Trust PrimVision for your alarm maintenance needs. Looking for alarm maintenance near your location? We ensure your equipment stays in good condition and that you and your property are safe from potential intruders.

CCTV installation maintenance
CCTV security system

CCTV repair near me

Looking for a good company that offers CCTV repairs? PrimVision is your local solution. Our technicians will diagnose and resolve any issues, and will reduce system downtime. We believe in prompt services that restore your peace of mind.

Burglar alarm service

Burglar alarm service

Secure your property with PrimVision's top-notch burglar alarm services. A security camera is the perfect solution for people living in dangerous areas who are afraid of potential burglaries. Our security CCTV package includes installation, maintenance, and repair. This way you will always be protected against breaking and entering.


What Our Clients Are Saying?

cctv testimonial 1
George C.

“Primvision were professional and friendly from start to finish. They took my specific security needs into account, and advised me on the right products for my commercial property. I can’t thank them enough!”

Patricia - home cctv instalation testimonial
Patricia M.

“Their team was professional, efficient, and knowledgeable. They installed the system flawlessly, making me feel much safer at home. The maintenance program they provide gives me peace of mind knowing my surveillance system is well taken care of. I highly recommend Primvision for excellent home CCTV installation."”

Thomas Duggan testimonial cctv 2
Thomas D.

"I can't say enough good things about Primvision's home CCTV installation service. From start to finish, they were exceptional. The team was prompt, courteous, and highly skilled. They installed the CCTV system seamlessly, and now I feel more secure than ever before. With their reliable maintenance program, I know my surveillance system will always be in top-notch condition. I highly recommend Primvision for their outstanding home CCTV installation services."

John Cox John Cox mentenace cctv testimonial
John C.

"I am extremely pleased with Primvision's home CCTV installation service. Their team was outstanding in every aspect. From their professionalism to their expertise, they exceeded my expectations. The installation process was seamless, and I now have enhanced security in my home. The maintenance program they provide gives me peace of mind, knowing that my CCTV system will continue to function flawlessly. I highly recommend Primvision for their exceptional home CCTV installation services."

Safety upgrades

Routine CCTV Check

CCTV installation with an orange circle emblem.

Common problems

Your CCTV camera or the other components of the security system work perfectly from day one. As time goes by, there are small problems such as a disconnected wire or knot in a cable that can appear. Some of the small problems could be fixed by the owner without the assistance of an engineer. Nonetheless we recommend you count on your installation and maintenance team for any small fix because security and safety are such important parts of our lives.

A CCTV camera installation featuring the number two in an orange circle.

Services & Packages

Our services include checking of all the equipment, verifying the software, including the integrity of the cabling. We also check the CCTV date and time settings for accuracy. A full inspection of the area and the camera’s visibility are also part of the maintenance services.

Installation of a CCTV camera in the shape of an orange circle containing the number 3.

The best approach

Prevent burglaries with a CCTV security system. Count on our experience to receive the best approach to safety equipment, and perfect installation . The routine CCTV check and fixes are part of doing the job right and we take these services very seriously. Regular maintenance will prevent possible errors. Nonetheless, if something does interfere with the functionality of your security system our engineers will come over and fix the issues.

Maintaining CCTV

CCTV maintenance

Choose the CCTV maintenance service that aligns with your home or business security system needs. Consider elements such as system compatibility, technical proficiency, service schedules, and customer assistance. Whether it's for a residential or commercial property, maintain your CCTV system's peak performance by opting for regular, professional upkeep.

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